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ASIA CUP ROAD RACE designated oil

Do you think we are just putting the FULL BORE stickers on the ACRR - ASIA CUP ROAD RACE for advertising only!?Do not doubt it, FULL BORE MOTOR OIL is the only ACRR - ASIA CUP ROAD RACE designated oil. The contestants are the elites from various countries – Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Singapore, Philippine, Macao, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. During the final stage of the competition with such harsh environment, only FULL BORE TYPE S 5W40 MOTOR OIL stands out and always protects you and your engine.


別懷疑~FULL BORE成為亞洲盃ACRR比賽車唯一指定用油!

昨天甫落幕的ACRR亞洲杯統規賽事,參賽者是各個國家的菁英,而中華賽會指定參賽車一律使用FULL BORE TYPE S 5W40機油,在大鵬灣的嚴苛賽道環境下,始終讓每台比賽車完美發揮,全身而退!

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