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Full Bore Motor Oil attend in CEC Super Endurance Championship in Taiwan. November 26, 2016 is definitely a memorable day for Taiwan's motorsport, as the first CEC Super Endurance Tournament in Taiwan has come to an end. This is the highest-level event ever held in Taiwan's history. Movement set a new milestone!The CEC Super Endurance Tournament has evolved from the endurance race held by China Guangdong International Circuit to the TMRA Taiwan Motor Sport Association and its sponsors. This year, the tournament was introduced to Taiwan with a minimum threshold of three hours. Taiwan's major teams have demonstrated a high degree of interest in the final event of the vehicle up to 30 vehicles involved in the driver close to 100.

The championship was won by the Porsche GT3 Club Taiwan's BMW Z4 GT3 with a lap of 81 laps and 1minute 44 seconds 747 fastest lap result.

Finally, thank you for all the participation and guidance, but also congratulate all the award-winning drivers.

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