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Q&A Full Bore Motor Oil

Since more and more people interesting in FULL BORE and begin to talk about it, we are happy to share it with you.

  • Full Bore was founded in USA n 1888, F.W. White and H.P. Bagley co-founded White & Bagley Company in Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. and started focusing on the development in the motor oil field. In 1905, the first brand name motor oil of White & Bagley Company, named OILZUM, was born. The brand later was merged by CASTROL in 1970 for its good motor oil quality and excellent brand image. The founder of FULL BORE, John Taylor, saw the R&D capacity of the company and co-developed White & Bagley Company and launched the world’s first can of FULL BORE Oil in 1967.Full Bore lubricant oil, the world's first can of Full Bore Motor Oil was launched in USA in 1967.

  • Every single iron bottle from Full Bore has an individual serial number on each iron bottle(refer to second picture form below), this action can protect customer’s market prevent any smuggled goods into particular client market.

  • Every single iron bottle clearly shows the origin of compounds(refer to the third picture form below), Full Bore only purchase the compound from the country that we mentioned and showing on the side of iron bottle, the reason we doing this are because we are serious about our products and we are serious about our customers. Every other oil company or brands do not tell you where they purchase the base oil and compounds instead, they only mention where they were made, due to production cost issue.

  • The comparison of the performance of the lubricant oil, we are not able to mention the competitor brand name here but we are sure that the only lubricant oil have at least 30% and above PAO Polyol-Easter content in their product is called Full Bore, the content percentage of PAO Polyol-Easter is way above any other premium brands in the market.

  • The difference between NBI Plus and NB Plus is the “I” stands for Bismuth, it’s a chemical element, this chemical element reach ultimate lubrication at the instant of starting engine, which improves the common problems with average motor oil requiring reaching the working temperature for better lubrication and makes up for the internal engine component wear-in resulted before the motor oil reaches the working temperature.

  • Market protection mechanism, as I mentioned from above the serial number, this is the first stage that we protect our customer from smuggled goods, and the second stage is an exclusive dealership program. We will only supply the goods to you and we do not look for second dealers in the country besides Russia and USA market and as long as both parties agrees and meets to requirement.

  • AVERAG LOADING IN CONTAINER: 20" CONTAINER is around 9,600 LITER / 40” CONTAINER is around 19,200 LITER.


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