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HONDA FK2 TYPE-R 2.0 TURBO &  Full Bore N.B.I Plus 0W40

POLYOL-ESTER Borazon Bismuth Motor Oil - Highest percentage in PAO & POLYOL-ESTER content in industry standard.

Borazon added for efficient lowering of oil temperature to more effectively resolve the high oil temperature caused by high-heat environment and slow driving in urban area and reduce engine loading.

Moreover, the oil is infused with temperature-lowering and lubricating bismuth to reach ultimate lubrication at the instant of starting engine, which improves the common problems with average motor oil requiring reaching the working temperature for better lubrication and makes up for the internal engine component wear-in resulted before the motor oil reaches the working temperature.

The base oil comes from American and Belgium GROUP III, PAO and POLYOL-ESTER. High-end ingredients are used to provide the experience of good oil. It is truly “certified” by American Petroleum Institute (API) for highest quality without deceiving consumers through “conformity” of certification.

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