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TSR Summer の Racing Festival 125A Group

It's been a hard work and finally it's paid off this year 2017, we promised the "Champion trophy stays in Taiwan this year".

Has been for six consecutive years by the Japanese won the championship "125A TSR Summer Racing Festival International Championship", it's been called the highest level in Asia 125c.c. racing competition, this is first time we attend TSR and it's also the first year we launched the high performance motorcycle engine oil into market with minimum 20% of Group IV (PAO) and Group V (Polyol Ester) contents in products.

Thank you for the support and help of the team and the rider - Lin Bocheng this year, it's not an easy deal to find a good partnership and a good sponsor, If only the sponsor or the sponsor side to pay unilaterally, have lost the meaning of sponsorship. Sponsorship in our view is to support the event, support the team, support fans and dedicated to achieve each other's goal, winning the race, that is the meaning of teamwork and sponsorship, "Attitude and Responsibility".

Congratulations and success in TSR Summer の Racing Festival 125A Group.

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