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Additive Series


The product truly and effectively cleans the fuel dregs on the fuel nozzle, removes carbon deposits and adjusts fuel to reach the smoothest status. The product can completely mix with fuel and water, thereby leading the vapor moisture cumulated in the oil tank over the long run into the engine room until completely combusted for release. Featuring the incomparable water removal function with other brands, the product lubricates the combustion room and cleans carbon deposit to assure the engine stays like new. Thoroughly clean the carburetor, oil nozzle, and lubrication gasoline pump. Increase in octane number, namely the cetane number in diesel fuel that boosts the power and saves fuel. Smoke inhibitor function and modification of exhaust emission meet environmental protection requirements. Applies to all gasoline and diesel-based automobiles.



MAX- POWER ADDITIVE is high-tech base oil under multiple chemical compounding and intensifying treatment, added with different superior additives. The product undergoes rigorous field-test and academic research, proving that this additive contains anti-oxidation, high and low-temperature resistance, cleans engines, prevents knocking, Can be easily combined with other types of lubricants to bring powerful heat resistance and anti-wear function into full play. Easy engine initiation at low temperature with apertures filed up for high temperature, increasing the life of motor oil and engine. Add to all vehicle and machine engines, including four-stroke cycles.


Usage for hydraulic system and industrial gearbox is 4%~6% and for power steering, manual gearbox and automatic gearbox is about 2%.


The product is based on a high-tech biotech formula, added with a diversity of high-performance engine cleaner and octane booster to truly and effectively clean the carbon deposit and fuel, and injection system, thereby improving gasoline quality for fuel-saving effect. Further added with multiple lubricants, temperature lowering agent to fully lubricate and lower temperature for the throttle valve. It is specifically recommended for use on LPG, LNG, and gasoline power supply vehicles and tools. The product does not damage the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter, protecting the valve and valve base, thereby reducing exhaust emission.

Motor Oil Sludge Cleaner

FULL BORE Motor Oil Sludge Cleaner is mainly made of fully-transparent base oil with low viscosity coefficient cleaning chemicals. The base oil with low viscosity can speed up engine rotation and enhance the pour point of cleaner through the mild dissolution of the cumulative oil sludge and deposit inside the engine. For use, simply inject the same amount of oil sludge cleaner as the engine oil of the vehicle, start the engine and allow it to idle for 15~20 minutes before leaking (it is strictly prohibited to step on the gas during the use of engine oil sludge cleaner, which will add burden to the engine). You will clearly see the different layers of brown colors that appeared on the engine oil sludge cleaner. This is the oil sludge released from the sludge and internal decomposition of the engine after cleaning. The average powerful oil sludge cleaner could cause the entire oil sludge to peel off, resulting in oil conduit blockage and thereby damaging the engine. FULL BORE oil sludge cleaner on contrary dissolve oil sludge slowly and does not clause oil conduit blockage.

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