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Steer Oil / Coolant


The product contains excellent anti-oxidation and security, high V.I. and does not affect initiation under low temperature, highlighting the performance more at high speed. It does not get hot from frequent motions with the rotating system or produce hazards to the rotation system. The oil contains absolute lubrication for silent operation with strong anti-foaming performance, low volatility, does not reduce oil volume, does not cause rubber or plastic glands to inflate or leak, does not affect adaptation due to frequent operations, so to minimize the friction coefficient and extends the life for rotation system.

Coolant Series -  Antifreeze

FULL BORE antifreeze is usually used for automobiles in tropical and cold zone climate as well as the cooling of generators and air compressors. Removes foams and microparticles in the tank with ultra-cooling effect, enhances water boiling point in the tank, and maintains the excellent operation of the cooling system to increase engine life. The product features an absolute cooling performance on aluminum alloy and cast iron engine. Increases the lubrication effect for the water pump and effectively lowers noise. Under correct use, the product can avoid corrosion with alumni alloy, cast iron, steel, copper, tin, and other metal and regular non-metallic material in a high-temperature state. The product is divided into Type 5000 (55%) and Type 9000 (100%) according to the content of anticorrosive (proof) agent, antifoaming agent, dyes, and glycol.

5000 Coolant

9000 Coolant

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