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Cleaner Series

Carburettor & E.F.I Cleaner

Effectively cleans the sludge on some components of the electric fuel injection system to avoid engine flameout. Removes gel, sludge and carbon deposit, while improves fuel-saving performance. Non-harmful to computer and sensor, does not contain lead, silicon or phosphorus.

Brake & Component Cleaner

Eco-friendly cleaning product with an advanced formula that safely and quickly cleans brake disc, drum brake, hazardous dust on clutch disc, grease, oil sludge, and fixtures on brake fluid. Before applying adhesives and sealing materials, use the cleaner to clean and remove metal, glass, and oil sludge on ceramics. The fast volatility does not delay time for distribution operation. The product does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) or Absorbable Organic Halide (AOX) and prevents hazards from asbestos powder.

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