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Fully Synthetic A.T.F.


The series of automatic transmission fluid products use fully synthetic ESTER as the base oil, supplemented by superior anti-oxidation, cleaner, and extreme pressure lubricant (Borazon), antifoaming agent, and other additives to meet the purpose of long-lasting use. Effectively protects the automatic transmission box regardless of the frequent operations under high or lower temperatures. Features silent operation, sudden-pause curbing and owns longer life span compared with the average ATF oils, thereby reducing the number of replacing oil for your car.

CVT A.T.F. (Fully Synthetic)

6 SPPED M1375.4 A.T.F. (Fully Synthetic)

MERCON® V A.T.F. (Fully Synthetic)

LONG LIFE LT 71141 A.T.F. (Fully Synthetic)

TYPE IV & SP III A.T.F. (Synthetic)

MP A.T.F. D-III (Synthetic)

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