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Motor Gear oil Sereis


FULL BORE Gear Oil series meets the API GL-5 parathion gear performance, made of the highest quality base oil with high viscosity and other additives as well as refined motor oils. The product features antirust and corrosion restrainer, extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives, the pour point depressant. The extreme-pressure additive is used to protect the hypoid gear from wear and tear, containing superb oxidation stability at high temperature, namely a remarkable antirust effect, which can be mixed with other types of automobile gear oils.


Recommended for the gearbox of compact cars and trucks designed for use with GL-5 lubricant, conventional transmission system, differential system, and high-pressure industrial reduction gear or the replenishing oil for gear limits.

75W90 Gear Oil

85W140 Gear Oil

80W90 Gear Oil

85W140 Gear Oil for Motorcycle

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