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Champion Of TSF R3 ST250A Super Bike Group

TSF R3 ST250A super bike group qualifying ended, congratulations to Mr. Lai Sang's super bike and the rider Mr. Chen Mao Hong, won the race to pole position and setting the fastest track record ever in PEN BAY Motorsports Land results in 1:54 seconds, up to this moment, there is no one has ever entered the 1:54 seconds in TSF R3 ST250A PEN BAY Motorsports Land! Get rid of all the business activities to help a dream program, this kind of energy is extremely powerful, once again we have proof it one more time in the race competition with FULL BORE MOTOR OIL. Such a extreme happy moment and good job guys! Oil Grade: FULL BORE Type S 5W40 MA2

TSF R3 ST250A組排位賽結束,無人進入過的1:54秒領域達陣!拿下正賽竿位!

擺脫一切的商業行為,只以幫助人圓夢的心態出發,你會發現那股推動力量是無比強大!恭喜賴桑的比賽車在車手陳貿宏的發揮下跑出大鵬灣該組別從未有人進入的1:54秒領域,連阿貿結束測時時都不可置信的跑到螢幕前觀看確認自己的成績!很高興這歷史的一刻FULL BORE有幸參與!

圓夢往往需要的是不分青紅皂白的相挺,只要你完全燃燒自己,FULL BORE飛寶一定挺你!

使用機油 : FULL BORE Type S 5W40 MA2

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