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FULL BORE vs Porsche 911 Carrera S / Hypertune Magazine Malaysia

Our product test this issue feature the Full Bore N.B. Plus 5W40 fully synthetic motor oil. The Full Bore brand of engine oil, while still relatively new in our market have had a long and illustrious history up in the States – where it was founded by John Taylor, who saw the R&D capacity of the company and co-developed White & Bagley Company and launched the world’s first can of Full Bore Oil in 1967. The White & Bagley Company was founded way back in 1888 in Worcester, Mass., U.S.A and in 1905 its first brand name motor oil OILZUM was introduced – a brand which later on was merged by CASTROL.

When you first see the unique Full Bore packaging apart from the serial number printed on the packaging, every single Full Bore iron bottle clearly shows the origin of compounds, Full Bore only purchase the compound from the country that is mentioned or showed on the package. Full Bore does this because it is serious about its products and its customers. Every other oil company or brands do not tell you where they purchase the base oil and compounds instead, they only mention where they were made, due to production cost issue.

The Full Bore N.B. Plus 5W40 fully synthetic have the highest Polyol-Ester content in industry standard. Borazon is also added for efficient lowering of oil temperature to more effectively resolve the high oil temperature caused by high-heat environment and slow driving in urban area and reduce engine loading, extending engine life. The base oil comes from American and Belgium GROUP III, PAO and POLYOL-ESTER. High-end ingredients are used to provide the experience of good oil. It is truly “certified” by American Petroleum Institute (API) for highest quality without deceiving consumers through “conformity” of certification.

The N.B. Plus 5W40 is recommended for high performance NA or turbocharged engines. The SAE 5W40 grade features unique synthetic technology designed to provide optimum engine protection under a variety of conditions. Its low viscosity, high quality formulation helps improves fuel efficiency and performance of the engine itself. It protects against harmful deposits and acids while also giving low fuel usage under high speed conditions, as well as protects against rust and corrosion.

The product test we ran for the Full Bore N.B. Plus 5W40 was on the Porsche 911 Carrera S – a pure blooded performance car powered by Porsche’s benchmark 3.8 liter Flat Six normally aspirated engine – delivering close to 400ps which propels the Carrera S to some rapid acceleration times, all the way to its 300km/h top end.

From the test we conducted we found that the Full Bore N.B. Plus 5W40 gave substantially improved engine response, with silky smooth power delivery. The Flat 6 engine note also sounded healthier, with a nicer ‘edge’ to it. During spirited drive the oil temp was also noticeably lower than before. Over an extended period of use the Full Bore N.B. Plus lubed Carrera S also showed a decent improvement in fuel efficiency, one of the many benefits inherent from the N.B. Plus’ high quality formulation.

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